Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm back.....and guess what?!!?!

FIRST of all, my apologies for my long absence. I know you all probably thought I’d been eaten by a shark or disappeared into thin air but the truth is, I’ve been busy sorting out the next phase of my life, wait until you hear!

Ok then, are you sitting comfortably?

I’m going to college!

Let me explain a bit. In Enable Ireland they run a programme called PCP (Person Centred Planning) where you pick up to three goals for the year, although there is no time limit on achieving your goals.

It’s your meeting so you pick who you want in there with you, who can support you etc, and everyone has a job and there are six monthly reviews.

So during my meeting, I said one of my goals is to go to college to do media studies, as I am very interested in TV and radio.

The interview was tough, but went well. There were some difficulties regarding the course (for example, if I was on radio, everything is done quite quickly and I would have to instruct my PA in what to do, so this wouldn’t work in my case) but they didn’t just scrap my application they recommended that I try another media course within the college (it’s Ballyfermot college by the way).

I was thinking that maybe my goal wasn’t looking so good in the beginning because of the obstacles, but now it’s progressing nicely.

They said I could do a few modules in a radio production course, run over two years, so I was happy enough with that as they made arrangements to suit me, so that I could do the course.

It was tough work getting here and I’m sure it’ll be tough on the course, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

I’m really looking forward to going to college, it’s a big step for me. I will admit I’m slightly nervous too, but excited at the same time, naturally! It’s been a long road.

I will be a part time student, haven’t got my schedule just yet, but I’m sure it’ll come soon. Eeeeeeeek I’m a student! Any time I say ‘student’ I get all giggly inside!

So that’s all my news, how about you guys? What have I missed?


Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am not Dystonia..

BACK in October 97 when I just 13 my world was turned upside down. I was a young active teen, never sick, until one day I was in my school uniform getting ready for school, when suddenly my legs went from underneath me.

Mam lay me down, I was drooling, lights affecting me and stiff as a board and could hardly talk.

I was rushed to hospital. The last words I said were ‘it hurts ma’. They did so many tests, all came back clear which was good in one way but not so good in another way, as we didn’t have a clue what was wrong.

I was in so much pain but they couldn’t give me anything.

A few weeks later I was diagnosed with Dystonia. We hadn’t a clue what it was. My doctor researched into it and discovered that Dystonia is a movement disorder that can affect anyone at any age, any part of the body.

I have it all over my body. If you get Dystonia as a child you're more than likely to end up in a wheelchair.

Have you ever got a cramp? Well the pain is like that but in my case it’s going through my whole body. Inside of me is like a gym!

After spending five months in Our Lady’s hospital and almost a year in a rehab hospital, I found it very hard to get used to life being a disabled person.

I used to be very emotional, scream and cry ‘why me’ and have tantrums. I had to learn everything again. I completely depended on Mam.

However, I soon realised I wasn’t getting anywhere by crying all the time. I said to myself ‘if I believe in myself I will get somewhere in life and I may have Dystonia but my brain still works’.

If I didn’t have Dystonia I would have never experienced half of the stuff I have so far in my life and made as many friends. I wouldn’t turn back the clock.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

10 things I love...I'm sure you're all DYING to know!

Ok ok, I know it's been a while, but give a girl a break! It's been all work and no play for me recently so that's why I haven't been posting, but here I am with my 10 things I love, as requested by you my loyal readers. (Mmm isn't Tom Cruise gorgeous?!)

I'm going to be pretty much up to my eyes for the next while, so I'm thinking I'll be blogging monthly, which I know is not often, but at least it'll keep you on the edge of your seats waiting for more! So enjoy the list and congratulations to all those who were nominated and won in the Irish Blog Awards. When Knackeredkaz updates her links list she's going to update mine too, so I'll add some more blogs then. And thanks also to everyone who's visited my blog so far and left a comment, I really appreciate it.

1. Dolphins. They are amazing mammals simply because they are sensitive to how we humans are feeling. When I was in Florida swimming with the dolphins, he went fast with everybody else, but when it came to my turn, he went very slow and the trainer hadn't told him to do that, he just knew I couldn't go as fast as the others. Come on sing along all together now "they call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning".

2. Rock music. I enjoy listening to the tunes also if I’m feeling angry I can scream without people knowing. Rock on baby!!

3. Yoga class. I enjoy doing my relaxation and my exercise. Come on try it 1 2 3 hum now breathe in and then out. Ommmmmmmmmmmmm

4. Bowling. I have a laugh with friends and I become very competitive. Go Jen! It’s a strike. Yes another one. (Modest, moi?)

5. Swimming. It makes my muscles relax and I can do almost anything in the water but can’t go as often as I would like to. One day when women rule the world though, everyone will have pools!

6. People caring for others. They do it out of the goodness of their hearts without being asked or being paid. Keep up the good work.

7. Irish dancing. I used to be an Irish dancer and when I’m at parties and the Irish music is playing. I get on the dance floor and give it socks. Don’t give a dam what people think of me. Come on the Irish!

8. C.A.M.P. Cheshire Adventure Motivation Project run by the Air Corps (men in uniform like Tom Cruise up there, hummina hummina, yowzah, yum yum). It caters for hundreds of people with different kinds of physical disabilities and we are treated like equals and there is no such thing as "I can’t". It’s run like an army camp, hop 2 3 4 hop 2 3 4!

9. Reading my Kiss magazine. I enjoy catching up on the gossip, what weird and wonderful fashions tips they have and reading the real life stories.

10. Family, friends and my boyfriend. They are always there for me, being loving caring people and a great laugh. Thanks for being there for me.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Things I hate, The List!

SO HERE it is, my first 'real' post. I thought I'd kick things off by writing about the top 10 things that I hate, just to give you a flavour of what I'm all about. Thanks so much for all the support and comments so far, it's been great! Enjoy the list and feel free to comment with your own pet hates.

1. People patting me on the head. It’s so irritating! I’m not a dog or a little girl, I’m 21 for God's sake!

2. Bullying. It’s such a horrendous thing to happen to anyone, the bullies are the ones with the problem so why take it out on an innocent person instead of solving the problem themselves?

3. Women who cake on make-up. Sorry ladies it just looks so disgusting and lumpy, so girls calm down with the make-up. As they say in my part of the world, relax the cacks!

4. Diets splashed all over the magazines. At the end of day it’s putting pressure on people to lose weight even if they don’t want to.

5. Speeding. It’s so dangerous. They could injure someone or worse again kill someone. Cop on!

6. Men farting. Simply because they are so proud it and almost cheer everytime they do it. It’s so disgusting and foul. Lads the least you can do is say excuse me!

7. When parents leave their children to be minded all the time, to go out. It’s simply not fair on the child getting passed from pillar to post and its also confusing for the child.

8. Cruelty to animals. Animals can’t defend themselves so it's disgusting to see people taking their temper out on poor animals.

9. Smoking. It’s a revolting habit to have and the main thing it KILLS. Stop while you can.

10. Rubbish being thrown on the ground. It makes the streets look horrible and dirty and I've actually seen some animals getting stuck in piles of rubbish. Stop and think before you throw.

Pic: Farting Santa, at least he doesn't smell!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Once more for the cheap seats at the back!

Hi all,

This is just a short note to welcome you all to my blog. It's basically just an outlet for me to rant about things and also to explore creative writing. After all, the more you write, the better you get right?

Well I hope so at least! Anyway, you'll all just have to put up with my inane ramblings, there's no escape I tells ya!

I intend to put up some pictures and details about me in the coming weeks, but for now I just thought I'd introduce myself.

My friend Knackered Kaz (the link's in the sidebar there, look!) is helping me set up this blog so any mistakes blame her!

Ps: The pic isn't me, I'm not ACTUALLY Lisa Simpson! It's courtesy of


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